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Apart from the idyllic surroundings, the centerpiece of the home is the cathedral ceiling living room, which boasts a wall of windows that opens up to a deck overlooking the deep green landscape..Living room definition, a room in a home used, especially by a family, for leisure activities, entertaining guests, etc. parlor. See more..I was taught to respect all living things His aunt is his closest living relative He's one of our greatest living authors It was the first time I had ever seen a living.This great seer did not go beyond the consideration of the tissues as ultimate facts in the living organism, marking the limit of anatomical analysis but it was open to another mind to say, have not these structures some common basis from which they have all started, as your sarsnet, gauze, net, satin, and velvet from the raw cocoon?.

Living room definition is a room in a residence used for the common social activities of the occupants..In the one bedroom apartment, Rodrigo slept on the living room couch and Emilio slept in the bedroom..Living room definition The living room in a house is the room where people sit and relax . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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