15 Dramatic Kitchen Designs with Stainless Steel Shelves

We have already talked about how modern and practical is to install floating shelving in the kitchen, since open shelving is one of the hottest trends nowadays in the interior design world. The stainless steel shelves in the kitchen will integrate the functionality with bold and industrial aesthetic appearance and will surely work in enhancing the decorative palette of your kitchen. If you strive to create a dramatic and utterly cool appearance of the kitchen, then you should think about adding stainless steel shelves, since they will surely boost up the industrial and cool accent of the kitchen. The stainless steel shelves look super modern and can instantly create a modern and contemporary appearance of the kitchen. We’ve gathered around 15 Dramatic Kitchen Designs with Stainless Steel Shelves in order to inspire you.

Bright Kitchen with Stainless Steel Shelves
The sleekness from the white cube backslash tile with utterly white and clean surface is fairly enhanced by the super bold and dramatic stainless steel shelves that surely act as a striking complement of the backslash and provide the kitchen with uber functional and contemporary appearance.

Chic Kitchen with Stainless Steel Shelving
We simply adore the combination of white glossy backslash tiles and mated stainless steel with super bold and dramatic nature that strongly stands out and creates a super organized visual appearance of this ultra chic and modern kitchen. The bold, chic setting of this kitchen is additionally enhanced by the high end stainless steel shelves.

Contemporary Kitchen with Stainless Steel Shelves
We love the unification of metallic kitchen furnishing with the super sleek and contemporary stainless steel floating shelves that stand out magnificently in this ultra modern kitchen and provide the place with cool and industrial feel. The arrangement of the stainless steel shelves is perfectly done in order to create an open layout and modern appearance of the kitchen.

Cool Kitchen With Stainless Steel Shelves

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