13 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Design Ideas

Why, kitchen tiles include an important element besides the kitchen furniture itself?

It may seem trivial, but in its function, the kitchen ceramics are essential for aesthetics and safety. Selection of the right kitchen ceramics can also give the maximum impression on the room. Instead, choose a kitchen ceramic that style and not too shiny. Because the kitchen floor risk splashed oil, flour, and other foods fatty and sticky.

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Before choosing a kitchen ceramic model, you should first measure the kitchen area. You can use the size of ceramic kitchen smaller or big depending on the size of the room and taste. Ceramic size also affect the visualization of the kitchen. It would be more interesting if it looks more slick.

The first step you can do is pay attention to the kitchen ceramic motif. Choosing ceramics in the kitchen room is very different from other ceramics such as rooms and living room. Therefore, in choosing the kitchen ceramics required precision and special attention. Well, here's Kania review of designer favorite ceramic kitchen motif!
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Kitchen gray ceramic motif

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The gray kitchen ceramics work perfectly against brown or white wood and sleek contemporary fixtures. You can choose a large gray kitchen ceramic. This kitchen ceramic motif is suitable for use in the room that is close to the outside area of ​​the house, as well as those inside the house. This ceramic motif creates the impression of a flawless and elegant space.

White marble kitchen ceramics

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Ceramics made from white marble is able to add shades of light and airy room. The unique motif also adds an artistic impression to your home kitchen. With the fine lines in the ceramic motif that gives the impression of an energetic kitchen and does not make bored. Complete with the same colored bar stool and give a minimalist curtain accent to your kitchen.

Ceramic kitchen patterned natural stone

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Natural stone-patterned kitchen chamber suitable to be installed in kitchen with stainless steel cabinet. This motif ceramic kitchen gives the room a more beautiful and natural look. One of the reasons why this type of kitchen ceramics is favored by many people, in addition to its suitable aesthetic elements combined with a variety of kitchen sets. You can combine it with a simple kitchen set that is usually made with a limited budget.

Ceramic kitchen gradation of color

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Ceramic color does have its own magical power that can affect the detail of the room decor. Apply kitchen ceramics with the color gradation you deserve to try. Idea gradation color of kitchen ceramics is interesting because it looks soft and natural. The level of color created by the kitchen ceramic alloy will make your urmah kitchen look more elegant. For example, you can apply dark wooden dining tables and chairs with chandeliers.

Ceramic kitchen flower motif

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The floral motif ceramics remains one of the great ideas in home kitchen decoration projects. By applying this flower-patterned ceramic, you will have a home kitchen with a natural style and as close to nature. There are many floral motifs on the market that you can choose from.

Ceramic kitchen motif black and white

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For the style of kitchen decor that looks modern, black and white motif white kitchen is one interesting idea to try. This color is one of the symbols of modernity in the idea of ​​home decor, which of course will make you have a kitchen that looks attractive and also clean.

To add a modern and elegant impression in the decor of the kitchen space at home, you can also use the furniture with white color to compensate for the color gradation.

Ceramic kitchen wood motif
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If you get bored with ordinary patterned kitchen ceramics that are widely spread in the market, replace with wooden ceramic motif is one very interesting idea. The alloy of modern property with wooden patterned kitchen tiles produces a very interesting and modern decorating idea. More fitting if you combine kitchen set teak wood and ceramic patterned.

Ceramic kitchen plain motif

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Another option for kitchen ceramics that until now still in demand by many people is a kitchen with plain motifs. This is one of the most interesting kitchen decorating ideas, especially for those of you who love simple and elegant decorating themes. Plain kitchen ceramics are also often used as an important element in the design of a minimalist kitchen.

With a ceramic without motive, you will have a kitchen that looks clean and elegant. To get more decorative results, you can beautify plain ceramics with wall hangings, plants, or wall clocks.

Ceramic kitchen motif multicolor

Ceramic Kitchen Multicolorcombatcityusa.com
This amazing multicolor kitchen ceramics like this makes a strong statement against contemporary kitchens. Color yellow, gray, black also red you can choose for this type of kitchen ceramics. By applying this type of kitchen ceramics, you can add a vibrant atmosphere and spirit in the kitchen.

Ceramic kitchen diagonal

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If you have a fairly small kitchen size, then try to choose a kitchen ceramic with a diagonal shape. The shape of this diagonal ceramic will give the kitchen look that looks wider than the actual size. Small kitchen design can be made like a chef kitchen with the help of kitchen ceramic motif on this one.

3D motive 3D motif

3DPinterest.com Motif Kitchen Pottery
Having a kitchen with an attractive look must be everyone's dream. Well, you can choose this kitchen ceramic motif, because this motif offers an artistic atmosphere. This 3D patterned ceramic is a classic design, but it is guaranteed to make your home kitchen look luxurious. As an ornament, you can put a wall shelf for your recipe books in the kitchen.

Ceramic kitchen honeycomb motif

Ceramic Kitchen Motif Honey BeesPinterest.com

This kitchen ceramic motif is suitable for homes with kitchen space is not too broad. Wide and wide impression can be displayed perfectly because the use of white base color almost in all the furniture except on the kitchen ceramic. The use of this five-square-foot ceramic kitchen looks so unique. Not to mention a neat arrangement and a blend of monochromatic colors from dark gray to young ash.
This kitchen ceramic motif is suitable for homes with kitchen space is not too broad. Wide and wide impression can be displayed perfectly because the use of white base color almost in all the furniture except on the kitchen ceramic. The use of this five-square-foot ceramic kitchen looks so unique. Not to mention a neat arrangement and a blend of monochromatic colors from dark gray to young ash.

With a little mixture of soil color and then melt to a younger color to the white color makes the impression that so fascinating. This motif seems to remind us of the unique honeycomb model. You can also decorate it with a patterned window curtain.

Ceramic kitchen patchwork motif

Keramik Dapur Tambal SulamPinterest.com

If you have not made the decision to apply what kind of kitchen ceramic motif. Applying ceramic kitchen with patchwork does not hurt you know. This technique also tests your level of creativity. How dare you mix and match the colorful ceramics and motifs in your favorite kitchen?

With this patchwork ceramic kitchen tile you can also get a kitchen view that is different from the others.

Choosing a kitchen ceramic does require special attention because ceramics will affect the results of the decor you want to install. Decorating the kitchen is not just a matter of ceramics, but also furniture and lighting of the lamp you choose.

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