11 Brilliant Kitchen Design Backsplash Ideas

What is the backsplash? Reported by Sunlight, backsplash is a wall that is between kitchen cabinets, dishwasher and stove. Typically, this wall section is covered by ceramics with a variety of interesting designs. Why do I have to use the backsplash in our kitchen interior design?

The back area of ​​kitchen cabinets, dishwashers and stoves is the most dirty kitchen area. Backsplash plays a role to keep the kitchen area for easy cleaning. Not only as a protector, backsplash also serves as decorator interior design kitchen lho.

Start interested in using trendy backsplash as part of home interior kitchen design? Kania has some reference for you!
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1. Interior Design Kitchen with Blackboard

Interior Design Kitchen Blackboardwinsila.com
This kitchen interior design may be a bit time consuming when installed, because you have to install a whiteboard for one kitchen room. But, the result is guaranteed to satisfy kok!

Backsplash for kitchen interior design this time will not take much money, but still give the impression of elegance in your kitchen. In addition to protecting the walls, you can also make this blackboard as a calendar until a memo reminder.

2. Backsplash of Beautiful Characters

Interior Design Kitchen Cantikariastonegallery.com

For you who do not want complicated and like the interior design of a simple kitchen. Backsplash using pretty characters or fonts fit for you.

As wallpaper, you can use thick wall wallpaper that is waterproof and oil. Let look beautiful and artful, you can choose the decoration of characters and beautiful letters and put it on the wall area. If still seem too simple, there is no harm in adding details ornamental plants or small lights.

In an instant, your kitchen atmosphere becomes more alive. If bored, you can easily change the letters and new characters so that the kitchen atmosphere feels more fresh.

3. Complementing Kitchen Interior Design with Fabric Backsplash

Interior Design Kitchen Kainjeremy-irvine.net

The main function of the backsplash is to protect the walls from dirt and also splash oil. But that does not mean fabric can not be used as backsplash.

There is a cloth motif that you like, but afraid of easy dirty if made backsplash? Relax, you can coat the cloth with liquid starch flour first. If it is completely dry, apply the fabric backsplash. In this way, dirt and oil are not easily attached to the fabric. Voila! The beautiful interior design of the kitchen is ready to greet you while cooking.

5. Utilizing Vynil Fabrics and Materials

Interior Design Kitchen Vinylarafen.com

Backsplash using cloth is the easiest and most cost-effective. But, always remember you need to coat it with a protector before making it part of your creative kitchen interior design.

If before you have to use liquid starch flour as a cloth liner, this time you use vinyl material How to apply it is also quite easy. You just need to coat the wall with your favorite patterned or colored fabric, then coat it with vinyl material. This simple backsplash will definitely sweeten the look of interior design kitchen at home.

6. Use Funny Plates As Coffee Kitchen Designers

Interior Design Kitchen Piringpinterest.com

You got a plate with a funny and interesting motif? Being backsplash only! Wearing dishes as part of the interior design of the kitchen will give you an artistic impression in your kitchen.

No dishes cute and pretty? Wear only brush, paint, glue and also plywood thin. Paint your little plate as beautiful as you can, free the imagination in your mind. While waiting for the paint to dry, you can coat the wall with a thin plywood and stick it to the wall with glue. The last step, paste the plate into plywood, funny backsplash for kitchen interior design ready to use!

7. Patterned Paper, Kitchen Interior Design Solutions on Budget!

Interior Design Kitchen Kertasfthmb.tqn.com

This is one of the backsplash alternatives when you only have a limited budget. Do not let the limited funds keep you from doing the interior design of the kitchen as beautifully as possible.

Only with ornamental paper and vinyl coating, you can change the interior design of the kitchen becomes much prettier! Choose good quality paper and have an interesting design or style. After coating the entire wall of the kitchen backsplash area with paper, you can coat it with vinyl so it does not get dirty quickly.

8. Versatile Board On Kitchen Interior Design

Interior Design Kitchen Board Signsmedia.imgix.net
You can wear a blackboard as a decoration of your dream kitchen interior design!

Not only can you protect the kitchen wall from water, oil and various types of dirt, blackboard can also be a reminder board or a recipe that you will cook today. Do not forget to decorate the blackboard with a funny painting or motif to make your kitchen interior design look more beautiful!

9. Wallpaper for Elegant Kitchen Interior Design

Interior Design Kitchen Wallpaperbaytownkitchen.com

Are you bored easily? Classic style wallpapers can be an elegant solution for a cool kitchen interior design.

You can choose wallpaper with any color or motif matching with kitchen interior design before. This method could be one of the most effective alternative if you do not want to be too busy to change the overall arrangement of kitchen interior design today.

10. Sentimental Touch On Kitchen Interior Design with Photo Wallpaper

Interior Design Kitchen with Wallpaper Fotocdn.trendir.com

Do you want to bring a touch of sentimental or joy in the interior design of the kitchen? Can be really!

Print the photo you want in large size, enough for wallpaper. For the best results, choose the same color photo with your kitchen interior design beforehand yes!

11. Kitchen Interior Design with Own Artificial Backsplash

Interior Design Kitchen Keramikimg.mp.sohu.com

You can loh create your own backsplash as your kitchen interior design.

The trick is not too difficult. First of all, try to determine first, what kind of backsplash you want to use as kitchen interior design. If you want easy, just buy ceramics from different colors and patterns. Then, free the imagination and combine the pieces of ceramics to your heart's desire. Tadaaa! Your room looks more beautiful with the trendy backsplash kitchen interior design.

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