10 best Mini Bar Kitchen Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most essential facilities that must exist in a dwelling. The kitchen is not just a place to Cook, but also as a place to gather and chat as a dining room or a room for entertaining guests. The unification of space the kitchen and dining room are usually applied in a form of mini bar kitchen. Functions that tend to serve as a social place to make the design of a mini bar kitchen should be interesting. This reference design kitchen mini bar 10 exclamation that can make you happier!

1. Maximize Kitchen Mini Bar lights

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Ideally, the maximum required lighting in a kitchen to be more observant when cooking process, from sorting out materials, processing of dishes, to arrange a presentation. Feel free to add more lighting in a kitchen mini bar even though there is also a dining room inside.

If note, usually the restaurant has a maximum lighting, right? Natural light and artificial lighting of optimal light mini bar kitchen can also steal the attention of resident or a visiting guest, lho. Bonus, good lighting makes kitchen mini bar you so instagramable!

2. Kitchen Mini Bar Style Industrial

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Industrial style in the world of interior design to be quite the trend at the moment. Many of the spaces that use the typical style of industrial, ranging from the Office to the coffee shop. If you don't want to miss a trend, you can follow the ala style living room this was applied to industrial mini bar kitchen! Check things that are synonymous with the industrial-style style like wooden tables with a simple iron finishing hollow as the framework, as well as various metal decorations.

3. Mini Bar Kitchen Farmhouse Style

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If you want to style design minimalist kitchen mini bar which is attractive and feels like being on vacation when you use it, you can follow the stylish kitchen mini bar-style farmhouse. The typical pieces of wood as well as the selection of the right colors like pale green and Brown wood gives the impression the ciamik farmhouse. Details on a farmhouse-style kitchen mini bar can make you at home in there, you know.

4. Furniture being the center of attention!

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You do not need to be confused about how to make mini bar kitchen looks unique and exciting, because it is a type of furniture or decoration can steal the attention and reflect the character of the space, you know. Just watch one of these kitchen mini bar design. Simple, modern design, such as the Favorites of many. However, bar stools or barstool transparent with chic shapes can be the center of attention that is not boring!

5. Tuned in to Tiles used on the Mini Bar Kitchen

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When you use the backsplash on kitchen mini bar, you can equate the tiles used on the bar table! Choose a plain color if you want to use a lot of tiles so that it was not impressed. In addition to making these two components look blends well, basically the backsplash and countertop bar are equally in need of a material that is easy to clean, so you need not fear to use mini bar kitchen for fun-appeal with family or friends.

6. Follow the Art Decoration style for an elegant Kitchen Mini Bar!

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If you are happy with the traditional-style interior but still elegant, part of design retro, art deco, be the right choice. Art deco was the style, which had become a major trend in the world of design before the advent of the modern style in this world. Although it is an old-style art deco, art deco has always been the right choice if you want an elegant design.

You can apply the art deco style in furniture-furniture ranging from Chair, bar table, kitchen cabinet, to tap water.

7. Mini-bar Kitchen Walls as Blackboard Chalk

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If you love to free many things, pouring ideas while breakfast, or simply write a variety of cooking recipes, just warnai one of the side walls on the mini bar kitchen with matching black color paint for Blackboard chalk. Make sure the walls are painted until blended, Yes. Don't forget also to prepare colorful chalk. Although just as simple as a wall, the decor might make you kitchen mini bar is getting exciting!

8. Highlight a single color that you like as the dominant color in the Kitchen Mini Bar!

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When you choose a style of home interior confused that fit, or you already have a mini bar kitchen before, you can change the atmosphere with the coloring most parts mini bar kitchen with your favorite color. The colors used for the highlighting can be as you please, lho. Neon yellow, blue or even tosca? No problem! Warnai with the color choices you on the Cabinet down to the foot of the table.

9. Patterned Kitchen Ceramics for the Kitchen Mini Bar more cheerful

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If you want to try a more corporate motif ceramic kitchen, you can choose tiles with a variety of motifs, from the shape of geometric patterns to that seen Organists. Simply apply on the backsplash in order not to impressed. Combine with furniture-other furniture. Mini bar kitchen you will more and more cheerful!

10. Mini Bar Kitchen Pastel

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If you want to build an atmosphere of feminine kitchen mini bar and immediacy, try just combine the colors of pastel and neon. Pastel green and pink neon is usually the preferred option by many. Feel free to use another color, for example pastel blue with yellow neon.

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