10 Best Kitchen Layout Templates

Kitchen is one room in a dwelling that has an important role for its inhabitants. In this kitchen a number of foodstuffs will be processed and cooked into a delicious meal. In addition to prioritizing the function of the kitchen itself, the kitchen model should also be considered carefully to fit the concept of the interior of the dwelling as a whole. Thus, you will get comfort when cooking is also a kitchen that has a high aesthetic value.

Before determining what kitchen model you will apply in your upcoming residence, you need to know the following 10 kitchen models!

1. Shabby chic kitchen model

Shabby Kitchen Model Chicdecoist.com

Shabby chic interior is synonymous with elements that are shabby but still stylish and eye-catching. Shabby chic is not only suitable for decorating the interior of the living room or bedroom, but also for the kitchen model.

The interior is often associated with the term feminine it does have a feel of a soft and cute. The colors that dominate this shabby chic kitchen model are bright pastel colors like pink or green. This kitchen lighting does not need as bright as a minimalist model, you can use a yellow light bulb. For furniture, wood material is highly recommended.

2. Minimalist kitchen model

Model kitchen minimalisdownshiftology.com

Minimalist kitchen model is a common kitchen model found today. Characteristic of this kitchen model is the use of neutral colors such as white, black, and gray. The selection of furniture also affects this model. Used furniture models usually have a firm line without indentations, ranging from cabinets, cabinets, to tables.

The material can be of plastic, iron, or other slippery surface. Compared to other kitchen models, this minimalist model looks simpler without much decoration and cooking utensils on the table. In order for this kitchen to look more colorful, use a vase of flowers or fruits as an accent on the table.

3. Industrial kitchen model

Kitchen Model Industrialpinterest.com

Some of the most prominent elements in the industrial kitchen model are the use of bulbs, exposure walls, and iron. The use of large lamps is usually hung on the dining table or kitchen island as the main decoration of industrial kitchen models.

Moreover, lighting depends on ordinary lights or sunlight coming in through windows. The industrial model is also identical with exposed walls made of brick or concrete. Sometimes there is a model that exposes the part of the ceiling.

Industrial Kitchen Model hearstapps.com

Part of this kitchen floor is usually also left without cover material such as ceramics, but back again to the taste of the occupants and adjusted to the interior of the other room. For furniture, the most commonly used materials are iron for tables, chairs, and stove racks. However, there are some people who combine iron and wood materials for the furniture so that the atmosphere feels warmer.

4. Contemporary kitchen models

Model kitchen contemporaryanndesigns.com
Contemporary kitchen models are models adapted to the times. In general this contemporary kitchen has a kitchen table or kitchen island. Laying furniture-furniture is also very simple without elaborate decoration. The most commonly used material is stainless steel, as it is very practically cleaned and durable for a long time.

This is in keeping with the lifestyles of modern society that move quickly and practically. Lighting is also an important element in contemporary kitchens, both direct and indirect lighting using lights. Typically, this contemporary kitchen is open, so it looks blend with the other room.

5. Rustic kitchen model

Model Kitchen Rustikfreshome.com
Rustic kitchen models can be said to have a characteristic old shades, natural, and rough because the surface of construction and furniture does not pass the finishing process. If imagined, maybe you would think this rustic kitchen model would look ugly and not classy. Though this one kitchen model can look charming and create a feel of the past you know!

Materials often used for this kitchen model is wood, stone, and metal. Wooden furniture will usually be left in its original color. In some homes, the ceiling is left just to look at the buffer section without any cover.

6. Scandinavian kitchen model

Skandinaviahome-designing.com kitchen model
The preferred features of the Scandinavian kitchen model are functional, hygienic, and environmentally friendly. The look of this kitchen model is quite clean and bright because there is not much furniture and excessive decoration. This kitchen is dominated by white. All-white furniture, either wood or plastic material.

Lighting also has an important role here. In addition to relying on light from the lights, you need a large window to allow sunlight to enter the kitchen. If you want to add a little color to this kitchen, you can put a small pot of green plants.

7. Traditional kitchen models

Model Kitchen Traditionalbgdenvil.com

As the name implies, this traditional kitchen model is a kitchen often found in ancient homes. However, this model can be applied also to the house today. Traditionally this traditional kitchen is dominated by the brown color of furniture made of wood.

In contrast to today's furniture that is all practical and simple shape, the furniture in this traditional kitchen is actually large so it is more suitable to be applied to a large kitchen.

8. Victorian kitchen model

Victoriandecoretmoi.com Kitchen Model
Victorian kitchen models have the same characteristics as other Victorian-style rooms. Crystal chandelier is a mandatory d├ęcor for this kitchen. The size does not need to be large, which is important in accordance with the size of the kitchen and does not interfere with space.

If lighting from a crystal chandelier just is not enough, apply an indirect light that is inserted between the ceiling. In this kitchen model, the furniture used has intricate carvings in every corner, whether for cabinets or tables and chairs.

The surface of the table or floor usually uses marble. The colors often used for this kitchen are cream, ivory white, purple, or gold.

9. Retro kitchen model

 Model kitchen retrodecoist.com

Retro model kitchen is a model that was popular in the era of 1930 until the 1970s. The hallmark of this kitchen model is a classic and attractive touch. The colors used are quite bold and striking as green, blue, red, yellow, and brown. The colors are often combined in one room at a time.

Materials often used for furniture are plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, melamine, and plywood. For decoration, you can use small pots of clay, chessboard-patterned objects, attractive wall hangings, and hanging lamps with striking colors.

10. Model vintage kitchen

Kitchen model vintagenormabudden.com

The vintage kitchen model is identical to old-fashioned furniture that has an outdated impression. The colors that are often used are green eggs salted, cream, pink pastel, and orange. Cabinets in this vintage kitchen model is usually made of wood and has a glass door so that the inside is visible from the outside.

The dining equipment you meet in the kitchen is usually made of ceramic with a flower motif or small bird. To beautify the look, you can put a flower vase on the table as a simple decoration.

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