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Kitchen is often regarded as the room as much as possible apart from the main room at home. In fact, the kitchen is also an important part of the house and also the lifestyle you have. So, it never hurts to apply the concept of open minimalist kitchen on your dream home.

Presenting an open minimalist kitchen turned out to have challenges and not as easy as thought. Instead of dizzy and confused organize a minimalist kitchen open to your home, let's see the inspiration of open kitchen minimalist design also tips and tricks to create a minimalist open kitchen that fits and maximize the house!

1. Living Room and Minimalist Kitchen Open

 1. Living Room and Minimalist Kitchen Open
One of the problems that you will encounter when creating an open minimalist kitchen combined with other rooms is about minimizing the unpleasant smell that kitchen may produce. Not forgetting and the boundary between the kitchen area and the other room.

For that, always bekali kitchen space with good air circulation. Starting from the use of cooker hood that is able to help remove smoke and odor, to provide openings or windows near the kitchen minimalist open that can help remove the aroma. That way, less savory aroma you can minimize.

To provide space restrictions between the kitchen and living room in a minimalist open kitchen design this one, you can make the island in the kitchen as a dining table as a barrier between rooms. Choose the right blend of colors to give the impression of a whole unified space.

2. Open Minimalist Kitchen with Skylight

Open Minimalist Kitchen Skylightrilane.com

To provide a more lively atmosphere in a minimalist kitchen, required maximum lighting. Give a great openings in the kitchen open minimalist so not just the kitchen to be brighter, your room as a whole will also be more alive.

Skylight is one of the right choice to make the atmosphere of open kitchen minimalist more bright. The amount of natural light that goes into the open minimalist kitchen will also help reduce the moisture that is in the kitchen. If you want to filter out the light, use your favorite blinds and curtains.

Untuk memberikan kesan terang lebih maksimal, kamu juga bisa mengaplikasikan warna putih yang dominan pada dapur minimalis terbuka yang kamu miliki, lho. Untuk menghindari kesan monoton, kamu bisa mengaplikasikan warna favoritmu pada elemen-elemen kecil seperti karpet, dinding backlash, atau beberapa daun pintu pada kabinet kitchen set yang ada.

3. Void sebagai Ruang Untuk Dapur Minimalis Terbuka

Desain Dapur Minimalis Void  iss.zillowstatic.com

Void in the house is usually reserved for the main rooms where the occupant's activities are mostly spent there. If you and your family spend much time in the dining room and kitchen, there is nothing wrong to bring a minimalist kitchen open in the middle of the void, you know!    With a high ceiling, the open minimalist kitchen you have will feel very spacious.activities in the kitchen such as cooking, breakfast, until chatting with the family would be much more fun and comfortable through this minimalist open kitchen design this one.

4. Minimalist Kitchen with Maximum Open and Open

Minimalist Kitchen Open Maksimalhgtvhome.sndimg.com

ou want to have a minimalist kitchen open? If your kitchen has a good view, it would not hurt to make the view part of the open minimalist kitchen you have. By maximizing the opening, not just natural light that will help kill the kitchen humidity, an interesting view will also make the move in the kitchen so more excited.

If your kitchen now has an angular concept or shape like the letter L; to create a minimalist open kitchen, you can create an island in the kitchen with an elbow triangle shape as a barrier between the open minimalist kitchen with other rooms.

In the open minimalist kitchen, a high ceiling will help cooking activities so much more comfortable. So, also maximize ceiling height in your open minimalist kitchen design.

5. Semi-Outdoor Open Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Outdoor Semi Outdoor  dandydoggiedos.com

Cooking does not have to always be in the room, you know. Minimalist open kitchen design this one could be your choice who like to move outdoors. This open minimalist kitchen is designed in a pavilion that blends with the existing garden of the house. In the absence of the presence of walls and also high ceilings, this open minimalist kitchen design feels like one with the environment.

The use of natural materials also helps the minimalist open kitchen design this one really becomes part of the leisure activity in your back yard. If the concept of a minimalist open kitchen like this could be an option, decorate the kitchen with chandeliers and ornamental plants are sweet.

6. Minimalist Kitchen Open with Mezzanine

Open Minimalist Kitchen Mezanine vinathienbinh.vn

If the family room is usually the main part of a dwelling, on the design of this one, the kitchen looks like the center of the house with other spaces that surround it. The concept of open minimalist kitchen under the mezzanine to create a minimalist open kitchen space seem wide.
Open Minimalist Kitchen Mezzaninecdn.freshome.com

Island in the kitchen used as a bar at the same time transition between kitchen and living room. The existence of this kitchen can also be seen from guest rest rooms located on the mezzanine floor. With maximum lighting and modern materials, this minimalist open kitchen option one can be the choice for a modern-style dwelling with the concept of all open space without insulation.

7. Open Minimalist Kitchen that blends with the Garden

Open Minimalist Kitchen Tamangrand-design.london

If you have extra space or land in your open minimalist kitchen, turning it into a park is not a bad idea, you know. Not only to make the maximum openings so that the required air circulation of the kitchen the maximum, you can also get a more open impression maximum.

In addition to getting a view that will make cooking activities so much fun, this park can also be used as an attractive dining or breakfast area, is not it? So, do not hesitate to be creative with the park directly adjacent to the open minimalist kitchen you have.

That's the seven open kitchen minimalist ideas that you might make reference in realizing the open kitchen minimalist dreams. The important thing is to make sure if the minimalist kitchen you want to create open can blend well with other space. Which one do you like?

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