7 Best ®Popular Small Kitchens Under Stairs Images

There are many ways to make small homes comfortable. Among them is using a mirror for a wider effect, utilizing multifunctional furniture, uniting two rooms in one area, to make the kitchen under stairs.

Creating a kitchen under stairs might raise questions for you. How can I freely cook under the stairs? Instead of imagining that far, better look at some kitchen models under this staircase for your home design inspiration later!

1. Kitchen under the stairs with open shelves

 1. Kitchen under the stairs with open shelves

The kitchen area under the stairs takes advantage of empty space as a storage rack. If you want to look neat, of course this shelf should be covered. But if your house is quite narrow, should the kitchen shelf under this staircase is left open for a wide impression. The kitchen under these staircases is usually low so you need a cooker hood to cook comfortably without any disturbance of smoke in the room.

2. Kitchen under the stairs with minimalist shades

Kitchen Under Stairs Minimalisdecoist.com

Kitchen under the stairs with minimalist shades and all-white is perfect for homes inhabited by small families. The shape is simple but enough to put the coffee maker machine and a small washbasin. The top and bottom can be used as a storage rack collection of cutlery. Side areas can be used to store snacks.

3. Kitchen down stairs side by side with dining room

Kitchen Under Table Stairs Makanfreshome.com

Stairs are usually located on the edge of the house docked with a wall, the shape of the kitchen under the stairs usually follow that angle. The kitchen under this staircase will have an empty space in the center. In order not to waste, you can put the table there. Take advantage of the bottom of the stairs as a storage room for cutlery.

4. Bar or kitchen under stairs

7 Model Kitchen Under Stairs, Home Solutions Mungilpinterest.com

For drink lovers, you can also make storage shelves for drinks in the kitchen under the stairs. Part of the kitchen table under the stairs is quite filled with a small washbasin. At the bottom you can make a special rack of drinks and put the cupboard of glass storage.

5. Kitchen under the stairs U shape

7 Model Kitchen Under Stairs, Home Solutions Mungilhouzz.com

Kitchen under the stairs with 90 degree angle can be made in the form of U. Unlike the kitchen under the other stairs are so simple and narrow, this one kitchen can look more elegant and spacious. Because of its position in the corner and has a low ceiling, provide enough lighting to make you comfortable cooking. Do not forget to choose the right wattage lamp. For the furniture, it would be better if you use the built-in furniture to fit the bottom of the stairs.

6. Kitchen under the stairs open

Kitchen Below Stairwell Openinterest.com

If the model of the kitchen beneath the previous staircase looks tiny because of the stairs made of brick and cement, the kitchen under the stairs this one looks quite relieved because the ladder itself only uses wood and structures of iron. This large area allows you to use a long kitchen table with a shelf on the top to place a collection of favorite dishes and some decorations.

7. Kitchen down stairs to entertain guests

Kitchen under the stairs to entertain the tamupinterest.com

When there are guests coming, of course as a host you must prepare drinks or snacks. The kitchen under the stairs can be used as a bar to entertain guests because of its location close to the living room. There is no stove in the kitchen under these stairs, there is only a sink, a row of glasses, and a collection of drinks.

Of the seven kitchen models under the ladder, which one will you make in your future home?

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