7 3x3 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

At the time you can set the bedroom design properly, small size will not be a problem. Room boarding, for example, may look comfortable and comfortable inhabited. For example, for bedroom design size 3 × 3. Maybe some of you are doubting the design of this 3 × 3 bedroom. How can a small room feel comfortable and look cool like a big bedroom?

Eits, do not prejudice first! Try to see 8 bedroom design ideas 3 × 3 size that is not cheap here below!

1. Bedroom design size 3 × 3 with niche

7 Bedroom Design Ideas 3x3 Size That Not Cheapandecoist.com
Design bedroom size 3 × 3 next is equipped with a niche or corners are slightly indented into. This niche you can use to put a mattress or desk study. Thus, the bedroom area will feel more spacious and you can put other furniture such as wardrobe, even a display area toy collection.

2. Design bedroom size 3 × 3 with headboard attention thief

Bedroom Design Size 3x3 Headboardapartmenttherapy.com

The small bedroom will feel crowded if you use many displays. Therefore, try to make a point of attention in 3x3 size bedroom design using big and striking headboards. For example, headboard with tufted pads or from obsolete wooden doors.

3. Bedroom design size 3 × 3 with large windows

Bedroom Design 3x3 Size Window Besarelledecor.com

Did you know that the large window model is one of the design tricks for the washroom feels spacious and comfortable? Large windows on a 3x3 bedroom design allow sunlight to enter the room. The room also looks bright and created the illusion of a larger room.

Bedroom design size 3 × 3 with large windows will also look bigger because your view further out. It's like your room blends in with the outdoors.

4. Bedroom design size 3 × 3 with a large mirror

3x3 Cermingoogle.com Bedroom Size Design

Mirror is one of the mandatory items in bedroom design size 3 × 3. This mirror can make your little bedroom look big. If you can not use a wall-sized mirror in a 3x3 bedroom design, at least use an adult-height mirror or attach a wall to the closet door.

5. Bedroom design size 3 × 3 with multifunctional furniture

7 Bedroom Design Ideas 3x3 Size That Not Cheap Murahogle.com

In addition to mirrors, the use of multifunctional furniture is also the right choice for 3x3 size bedroom design. Some multifunctional furniture that you can use for bedroom design size 3 × 3 is a bed as well as drawers storage cabinets, desks as well as bedside, even ottoman.

6. Bedroom design size 3 × 3 with additional floor

Bedroom Design Size3x3 Additional Roompinterest.com

For women, the bedroom is not just a place to sleep but also to keep a collection of clothing. The small room does not seem to be able to accommodate all your collections. Therefore try to make additional floor (mezanin) on bedroom design size 3 × 3.

Additional floor area you can use as a mattress, while the bottom you can use to display a collection of clothes, bags, and shoes. Looks fancy like having a private closet, right?

7. Bedroom design size 3 × 3 with indirect lighting

Bedroom Design Size 3x3 Lampuhouzz.com

The latest 3x3 bedroom design emphasizes indirect lighting techniques to make the bedroom look more beautiful and dramatic. Instead of using light from ordinary lights, you can try using indirect lighting in yellow from the top or bottom. Guaranteed you are more at home lingering in the room.

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