√5 Beautiful Minimalist & SImple Kitchen Designs

You could say kitchen is one of the most important part in a house. Not only important in terms of function, but the kitchen space can also be very influential on the beauty and comfort of the house itself. Therefore, you should prepare a kitchen design with a mature and creative concept.

After all, the kitchen has been more synonymous with dirty and greasy things from cooking activities. No wonder, designing the kitchen to look neat, clean, and comfortable to be a challenge in itself. In fact, sometimes a bit difficult, especially if the kitchen area is limited.

To overcome this, you can design a kitchen with a minimalist style that puts the concept simple. Small kitchen room and narrow you can make better with the arrangement of the right kitchen components and more tightly. As a result, a beautiful minimalist kitchen can be realized.

Here Kania show some examples of minimalist kitchen design concept, so you can get more creative ideas for your dream kitchen. Let's look at the following example.

Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Design L

 Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Design L
Small kitchen and minimalist L shape is one of the most widely used kitchen design. This kind of design is able to bring a comfortable and elegant atmosphere in the kitchen. In addition, this design also gives the impression of the room becomes more spacious. That way, the activity in the kitchen can be more flexible and not cramped.

Do not forget, the shelf becomes an important element in the kitchen minimalist. Because, with this furniture you can store cooking tools to your kitchen does not look messed up. Well, for a minimalist kitchen, you can install a rack or closet hanging on one part of the wall.

To add natural lighting in the kitchen, attach a large enough window on one side. Make sure the window is directly facing out yes. In addition to providing illumination, this window also functions as an air vent. So, while cooking you can still breathe fresh air.

For the selection of colors, you can try to apply a touch of pastel colors dominant on the entire kitchen set to look neat and harmonious. The touch of white on the walls, ceilings, and floors will also make the kitchen look more spacious and impressed clean.

Elegant Minimalist Kitchen Design U


To design a small kitchen room, you need not hesitate to express. Nothing wrong with the concept of kitchen with a U shape. Kitchen with this design is able to provide a very slick and efficient combination.

How to? Begin by adjusting the composition of placing the stove and dishwasher face to face. Placement like this will facilitate your movement in cooking and washing food.

And do not forget, refrigerators and dining racks should not stay away from stoves or sinks. That way, you will more easily reach the groceries, wash it, and cook it. So, your movement activities during the kitchen is not too tiring.

To maximize this minimalist kitchen design, you can use the cabinet to the maximum on each side of the kitchen wall. For good kitchen air circulation, you can leave one wall for use as an air vent that also functions as a natural lighting source.

Kitchen Design Natural Minimalist


Installing a kitchen set lengthwise on one side of the kitchen wall can be an example in designing a kitchen that size is narrow. Minimal design like this will make you more flexible in the move in the kitchen, although your kitchen space is quite limited.

To add a different impression, you can make the kitchen wall as a place to devote your creative ideas. For example, you can apply natural nuances in the kitchen. How? Add a touch of natural rock to the kitchen wall. This can give a natural impression that is so thick.

In addition, select the color of the kitchen set and the floor matching with the wall. The result, your minimalist kitchen atmosphere will look so harmonious.

Cheerful Minimalist Kitchen Design

kitchen design cheerful minimalist

Your house is small so the room for the kitchen is narrow? Why not try combining kitchen space and family room at once? To give a cheerful impression, give a touch of warm colors like orange.

Kitchen space with cheerful nuance can be combined with the family room. This kind of design not only makes the utilization of space to be more leverage, but also make the house more cheerful, warm, and artistic.

For the kitchen combined with this family room, you can install a kitchen set in a circle. This form is able to make the kitchen that you design become more impressed modern and unique. Kitchen design on the front you can equip with dining table or minibar with additional seats.

For color selection of kitchen set and wall, you can combine bright colors and soft. As mentioned earlier, warm colors like orange can be the right choice. Other color alternatives are light blue and cream.

For the floor, you can design it with a matching color. This will further add to the feel of a comfortable, modern, and elegant kitchen. Oh yes, do not forget to install a wide window yes so that air circulation in the kitchen as well as living room is maintained.

Minimalist Kitchen Design with Bright Green Shades

green kitchen design

The use of green in kitchen design may not be so familiar to many people. However, make no mistake, it turns green can also beautify the kitchen you know.

Design kitchen with bright green color able to bring atmosphere full of warmth and joy in kitchen. In fact, the atmosphere of cooking is more enjoyable. And of course, the color green gives the impression fresh.

For minimalist design, you can install a simple kitchen set with elongated shape on the side of the wall or L-shape l in the corner of the kitchen. Give a touch of light green color on the kitchen set and wall for your minimalist kitchen look more clean, beautiful, bright, and fresh.

You can also add a dining table with matching chairs. These furniture you can function as a dining table so that your kitchen at once serves as a simple dining room. That way, space utilization becomes very efficient, right?

Once again, the presence of windows in the kitchen is practically mandatory. Even if there is no window, at least there should be air vents. But, preferably the window because it can function to provide natural lighting. Even so, you can still add some green chandeliers to the kitchen.

How? 5 examples of minimalist kitchen design that Kania serve interesting and nice, is not it? Hopefully the above list is helpful and inspiring for your kitchen design idea. Oh yeah, do not forget check dekoruma ya. You can find many items to beautify your kitchen there.

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