200 Small Kitchen Ideas and Designs Size 2 x 2

It is undeniable that today's houses are available in small size due to limited land and high land prices. It also affects the size of the spaces that are in the house, including the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design is a design that is often used a lot of people because it can create a broader impression than the original.

Are you among those who want to apply a minimalist kitchen design at home? If yes, consider some ideas for the minimalist kitchen design 2 × 2 that Kania collect the following!

1. Minimalist Kitchen with a Touch of Gray

Minimalist Kitchen Design with Touch Abu abupinterest.com

Minimalist kitchen is dominated by all-white furniture with a gray color on the top surface. In addition to providing a little accent in the kitchen, gray color can create a modern impression and not easily dirty.

In order for more efficient use of kitchen space, choose a U-shaped cabinet like this. In addition, you only need to reverse the body when you want to wash vegetables in the sink or when you want to organize food. In addition to minimalist, this kitchen is also energy efficient because it has a skylight into the path of entry in the sun during the day.

2. Minimalist Kitchen Combined with Dining Area

Minimalist Kitchen Design Combined with Area Makancagedesigngroup.com

Are you just married or still single? If yes, minimalist kitchen design on this one you can try to apply. This kitchen has a row of cabinets that can be used also as a dining table. A number of equipment such as plates and glasses can be placed on the wall shelves. While dried food you can place in the bottom of the cabinet. Also hang some light bulbs to beautify your kitchen minimalism.

3. Minimalist Kitchen Efficient Use of Lamp

Minimalist Kitchen Designs That Use Light Lights

The next minimalist kitchen is still dominated by all-white furniture with a bar section coated with wood material. This neat little kitchen is getting more roomy thanks to the large window beside it. Sunlight was so much easier to illuminate the inside of the kitchen. Thus you can save the use of lights in the morning and afternoon.

4. Minimalist Kitchen that Integrate with Contemporary Design

Minimalist Kitchen Design Combined with Contemporary Design

The next minimalist kitchen design is a blend of contemporary design created thanks to a number of black furniture and fixtures, such as funnel cords, chairs, water taps, toasters, pans, and small plant pots.

One of the unique elements in the contemporary minimalist kitchen combines the following is a special black wall. This black wall can be used as a medium to draw the child or to write a small note using chalk that can be removed whenever you want. Exclamation, huh?

5. The Warm Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Design Feels HotDecoist.com

A kitchen should not only look beautiful and clean, but also provide comfort for its users. The kitchen is a minimalist one is clean thanks to the preparation of an efficient closet. Some cabinets are made attached to the wall to save space and easy to reach by users.

The furniture and furnishings used are also simple. The kitchen floor uses wooden flooring material that gives warm and comfortable feel to everyone who is there.

6. Minimalist Kitchen Whole? No need to worry!

Minimalist Kitchen Design Serba Putihtrendir.com

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. This is not surprising because cooking activities can make oil and sauces splatter all over the room, not to mention if there are any fallen food fragments. Therefore, most people will avoid all-white color for the kitchen.

If you include people who are not afraid of dirty, it would not hurt to apply this minimalist white kitchen design. Starting from the color of the walls, furniture, and cooking utensils. Choose a furniture made of slippery so easy to clean when exposed to dirt later.

7. Wooden Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Design Serba Kayudecoist.com

The next kitchen is dominated by minimalist furniture made of wood. In order for a minimalist kitchen size 2 × 2 yours look more spacious, make a dish washer which is not too high. If you can see the area around the kitchen, would be more comfortable right? Laying microwaves and ovens on built-in furniture is also a great choice for a cleaner impression in a minimalist kitchen.

8. Minimalist Kitchen with Kitchen Island

Minimalist Kitchen Design with Kitchen Islanddecoist.com

Bored with a minimalist kitchen whose furniture position is attached to the wall? Try using the kitchen island as a place to put the stove and sink as well. Choose a small kitchen island, so as not to limit your space.

So that small minimalist kitchen look more tidy-for example kitchen size 2 × 3-place the kitchen table beside the kitchen island so you do not have to bother stepping away to serve food or when tidying dishes. The dominance of gray color is also suitable for minimalist kitchen in order to have a slightly modern touch.

9. Minimalist Kitchen Minimalis Electrical Lighting

Minimalist Minimalist Kitchen Design Lighting Electricspinterest.com

Nowadays where the necessities of life are all expensive, you have to be smart at saving on every aspect. One of them is to save the use of lights during the day. Instead use sunlight instead. In setting up a minimalist kitchen, color selection is also important.

Minimalist kitchen with a touch of gray color looks bright during the day thanks to large windows and skylights. In order for the atmosphere in this minimalist kitchen is not too monotonous, you can put a flashy colored refrigerator like red.

10. Minimalist Kitchen Size 2 × 2 can be seen field

Minimalist Kitchen Design 2x2 Size Can Seen Lapangpinterest.com

For those of you who want a kitchen size 2 × 2 still looks roomy, the key is the use of a minimalist kitchen design with the concept of open or fused with other rooms. In this minimalist kitchen design idea, the room blends with dining room and corridor.

Minimalist kitchen space is only limited to using a closet with half height height adults. To distinguish the kitchen atmosphere from other space, you can use wood material on some furniture. For example in built-in cabinets, where the cooker hood, and the outside of the stove rack.

11. Minimalist Kitchen is Dominated Gray

Minimalist Kitchen Dominated Abu-abupinterest.com

Minimalist kitchen design has been synonymous with white color. But if you do not want the whole kitchen is white, siasati just by combining it with gray color through a number of elements such as rack funnel, carpet, to ceramic for backsplash area.

12. Minimalist Kitchen with Table and Bar Chair

Minimalist Kitchen Design with Desk and Chair Barpinterest.com

Sometimes we have to adjust the lifestyle to the size of the house inhabited. The idea of ​​the latest minimalist kitchen design is to combine a cooking room with a dining table with a bar concept and using a high chair.

To bring up a minimalist design, use all-white furniture and simple shaped but does not reduce its function. Give a little accent like the use of one to two furniture with different colors.

Apparently the design for this minimalist kitchen there are many yes! Of those twelve ideas, which one is your favorite?

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