15 Small Kitchen Design Ideas√

Small kitchen makes your space limited. But if you can find a trick to outsmart through the right design, a small kitchen will feel comfortable like a large kitchen. Then, any trick does the kitchen design? Check out the leak from Kania below!
 1. Kitchen Design with U Shape Small Kitchen Design with U

1. Kitchen Design with U Shape Small Kitchen Design with U

The first trick to design a small kitchen is to use a U-shaped cabinet. With a cabinet like this, you can move freely in the middle of the kitchen when cooking and preparing food. In addition, you do not have to go far when you want to move a used frying pan to a laundry, or when picking up a plate to move food from a frying pan. Simply turn around to the right or left only. Efficient movement yes, this little kitchen design!

 2. Kitchen Design with Window.

The main function of windows is as a path of air circulation and natural light from the sun. The presence of windows on the kitchen design will make the kitchen look bigger and bigger. How come? Because the kitchen will be bright thanks to the sunlight and your view will be wider to the outside of the house. As a bonus, you can open a window while cooking so that the smell of cooking is not confined inside the house. More exclamation again, you can save expenses for lights during the day thanks to this small kitchen design. In addition, good air circulation can make the house become healthier, you know!

 3. Minimalist Kitchen Design.

Minimalist design is known as a design suitable for small occupancy. Minimalist design is also suitable to be applied as a kitchen design yours. The key of this minimalist design is the amount of furniture that is sufficient and a simple cabinet model. Without the presence of a lot of elaborate furniture, the kitchen will feel more spacious.

 4. Hidden Kitchen Design.

Due to the small size of the room, not infrequently the kitchen is in one area with the dining room. For those of you who feel uncomfortable uniting kitchen and dining room, the trick that can be applied is a hidden kitchenette design. The kitchenette's design can be hidden using a bright folding partition or curtain. When you want to cook, open the lid. Well, when you want to eat and get a good atmosphere, hide your kitchen.

 5. Use Mirrors as Backsplash on Small Kitchen Designs.

In the world of interiors, the mirror is a well-known decoration as a solution of a small room. For a small kitchen design, use a mirror as an efficient backsplash material. This mirror will reflect the shadow of the room around it, so the small kitchen can feel wider. In addition, the mirror material is also easy to clean from the oil and splattered ingredients as you cook.

 6. Take advantage of Hidden Furniture on Small Kitchen Designs

In determining the design of a small kitchen, you have to choose what furniture should be owned and not so necessary so that the room does not become narrow. If there is a lot of furniture that can not be removed, the solution is to use furniture that can be hidden when not needed. For example, like a table planted in the following cabinet. Pull this hidden table out of the cabinet when you need it.

 7. Get Rid of Cabinets, Use Open Shelves on Small Kitchen Designs.

The use of cabinets in the kitchen design will make the room feel more tight and closed. To create a more spacious and airy impression, get rid of the cabinet and use an open wall rack instead. Another advantage of using this open shelf is to avoid furniture from humidity and save your time while searching for an object.

 8.The Wet Anti Wetting Floor for Small Kitchen Design.

After washing the dishes, usually we will put the plate in a container to drain it from the water, before returning it to the storage cabinet. This habit will certainly take up a lot of space in the small kitchen. As a solution, you can put a rack of lined plate storage just above the laundry. Dishes that have been washed and still wet you can directly put on the shelf. Save space and effort, right? The kitchenette design also looks more concise and efficient.

 9. Small Kitchen Design with Bright Atmosphere.

In order for the small kitchen to look more spacious and not cramped, lighting on the kitchen design should be made as bright as possible. If your kitchen does not have a window, you can create a bright atmosphere by using enough lights, choosing brightly colored furniture, and using a backsplash that reflects light.

10. Utilize Every Angle with Max.

The next trick you can do when having a small kitchen is to utilize every corner of the kitchen with the maximum. Do not leave any unused corners on the kitchenette design. If possible to install a cabinet in every corner of the kitchen top, why not? Backsplash area can also be used as a hanging area of ​​small cookware.

 11. Kitchen Design Dominated by Cookware Hanger.

Just like an open shelf, hanging area can make a small kitchen design look more spacious. Make a hanging area on one wall and use the hangers to put a variety of frying pans, pans, and cooking spoons. This storage technique will be more efficient place compared to store it in the closet. When you want to use one of these cooking utensils, you will be easier to find and retrieve without needing to unpack the pile in the closet.

12. Small Kitchen Design with the Help of the Surrounding Area.

Already trying to save space but still can not put important items in the kitchen? Do not hesitate to borrow the area around the kitchen. For example, put a food shelf outside the kitchen near the dining table or use a closed cabinet next to the kitchen overlooking the living room. 13. Small Kitchen Multifunctional Design,

13. Washroom and Cutting Board.

This multifunctional kitchenette design is sure to be very useful for mothers who like to cook. Usually, we will wash the food before cutting it. With this multifunctional design, you can shift the cutting board when you want to wash the food, then shift it back when you want to cut the material. Not bad, just need a cutting board in the kitchen and do not have to bother back and forth to the laundry?

 14. Open Kitchenette Design.

The location of the kitchen does not always have to be covered from other spaces. With an open kitchen design ala chef that blends with other space, the kitchen will feel more spacious. Come, remove the kitchen divider with other space!

 15. Cabinet Corner on Small Kitchen Design.

This one kitchen design is often overlooked by homeowners. The meeting sections of both corners of the cabinet are usually unused due to the simple design. To outsmart this, you can choose a corner cabinet that utilizes the space in the second corner of the meeting. With proper planning, a small kitchen design can be more effective and functional. You also do not need to be confused how to get your dream kitchen, dekoruma can help you know!

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