16 Small Kitchen Design Ideas ≈® Decorating Tiny Kitchens

Small houses sometimes force the owners to combine the dining room with a kitchen. Problems that then arise is a small kitchen will often feel increasingly crowded if added dining table. For those of you who are experiencing problems like this, you should remove the table and replace it with a minimalist bar.

This bar table is smaller than the regular dining table so it is suitable to be placed in a small kitchen. This bar table is often used as a kitchen table to organize food. Simply multifunctional and save space, right?

For those of you who are interested to use a minimalist bar table, consider first some of the following inspiration!

1. A minimalist Scandinavian style bar

mini bar minimalist sknadinaviapinterest.com

The hallmark of Scandinavian style is the use of white color and natural impression. This minimalist bar table was made using a white wooden board and retained its texture. The result, simple but creating a natural impression and the effects of the illusion of a wider space.

2. Desk bar minimalist monochrome style

Got a small kitchen? Let's use a minimalist bar table! Pinterest.com

Monochrome themes will not be timed, including for your little kitchen. Minimalist bar table is made of white plastic material on the bottom and black on the surface. Model minimalist bar table like this is suitable for you who live alone or newly married couples.

3. Minimalist bar table that integrates with the kitchen island

Minimalist bar table that integrates with kitchen islanddecoist.com

This minimalist bar table is made together with the kitchen island, but the surface is made slightly higher. When you are eating and someone ishing dishes, your food will not splash water. The combination of dark gray wood and plastic material creates a more classy impression.

4. Minimalist minimalist bar table

Minimalist dark-colored deskdecoist.com

In the world of interiors, small rooms are recommended to use bright colors to make it look more spacious. However, if you like the interior of the dark room is not a problem as long as given a good lighting. If necessary, place a few small green pots on the minimalist table bar as a simple decoration.

5. Minimalist bar table connected outdoor area

A minimalist bar table connected to outdoordecoist.com area

One way to expand the small kitchen is to connect it to the outdoor area. You can create a minimalist bar table facing the window on both sides. When a guest comes, take advantage of both sides of the minimalist bar table. One minimalist bar table, two atmosphere. Cool?

6. The minimalist desk bar faces the window


The kitchen counter area can not be connected to the bar because of space limitations? Try putting a minimalist bar table facing the window. With this position, you can enjoy the food while looking at the beauty of the garden outside the home.

7. Quirky minimalist bar table

Minimalist minimalist bar tablestrendir.com

This minimalist bar area is dominated by white color. In order not to look monotonous, you can add bright colors to the bar stools and frame cabinets. This simple color game can make the eyes more interested to look at it longer. Aesthetic value of the kitchen was growing.

8. A minimalist bar table in the warm kitchen

kayupinterest.com minimalist bar
Dominated by wood material, this kitchen feels warm and comfortable. Minimalist bar table used was given a matching color with wooden floors are used. The design is simple but comfortable enough to be the base to enjoy food and drinks.

9. Minimalist bar table with glass material
Meja-bar-minimalis- dengan-material-kacahomesfeed.com

In addition to stainless steel, glass material is also often found in minimalist style. Minimalist glass bar table this material can make the kitchen look more spacious and clean. But you have to be careful when putting things on it to avoid scratches or cracks.

10. Minimalist bar table with marble surface

Minimalist bar table with surface marmergoogle.com

Want your little kitchen look more luxurious? Use marble for a minimalist bar table surface in the kitchen. No need a complicated motif or striking, white marble alone is enough to give a great effect.

11. Minimalist bar table for you who live alone

Minimalist desk bar for you who live a diritumblr.com

When you live alone, a small kitchen with a single bar table feels good enough. A minimalist bar table that only has room for one person will help you save space in the kitchen. The bar area is enough to put 3 plates, 1 cup, and some small-sized table decorations.

12. The minimalist red bar table

the minimalist redpinterest.com bar table

Fans of red color, kitchen interior with a minimalist bar table this one must be applied in your house. In addition to the bold colors, the form of a minimalist bar is quite curious. Because the bar is not too high and can use a regular chair. This model is suitable for parents or small children so that no difficulty to rise and fall from the chair.

13. Minimalist bar table with vintage feel

vintagepinterest.com minimalist bar table

Minimalist bar table can also be applied with a vintage feel, loh. Used in simple vintage kitchenettes, the underside of a minimalist bar is painted in toska green. The bar chair is provided with a comfortable foam pad for people to sit there. This area is perfect for enjoying tea and breakfast with family or alone.

14. Minimalist bar table facing wall

A minimalist bar table overlooks wallhgtv.com

If your kitchen does not have a kitchen island or the breadth is really limited, do not hesitate to put the bar table facing the wall where the top of the shelf becomes a shelf. The atmosphere is like being in a restaurant, huh?

15. The minimalist bar table is like a frame

table bar minimalist framepinterest.com

This minimalist bar table looks interesting because of its unusual shape. The color is predominantly white and the design has only a firm line without carvings and other ornaments. However, at the top there is a form that resembles the roof so that the minimalist bar table looks like a frame. Do you want to make a minimalist bar table like this in your kitchen?

16. Minimalist bar-shaped table

the minimalist circle bar of the circlepinterest.com

In general the minimalist bar is made in rectangular shape. But this minimalist bar table is actually made in the form of a circle. This form is perfect for you who want to interact with family members.

So 16 inspirations for a minimalist bar. Despite its limited size, you can get an effective kitchen and dining room with a bar table. Which one do you want to apply at home?

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