6 Modern Kitchen Tiles Design

Kitchen wall is very vulnerable affected by humid air and very likely stained from the activity of processing food and drinks. In fact, the cleanliness of the kitchen wall is one of the most important things that must always be awake for the kitchen can always be comfortable for use on the move. Well, one way to get around this problem is to give finishing ceramic wall of the kitchen. In addition to helping keep the impression clean and comfortable, ceramic wall kitchen can also make your kitchen look more attractive again.

You may be a bit confused when choosing a kitchen ceramic wall. Especially if you do not understand what things should be considered in choosing ceramic wall kitchen. Therefore, following Kania will share some tips on choosing the right kitchen wall tiles for you. Check out carefully, yes!

There is no harm in being creative

 There is no harm in being creative
In choosing the right kitchen wall tiles, you can also be creative, you know! For example, you can add a lengthened ceramic with a smaller size as a list on the edge of the kitchen wall tiles.

In addition you can also choose ceramics with several themes of ornaments, such as ceramics that form the image of food, fruits, tableware, there are many kitchen ceramic motifs that you can choose. But do not force too many ornaments attached to the wall of your kitchen yes!

Another alternative is to combine two color ceramic wall kitchen at once. You can install it alternately so that your kitchen looks more alive.

Note the Material and Texture of Ceramic Kitchen Walls

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The first tip in choosing ceramic wall kitchen is to pay attention to the material and texture of the surface. You are actually free to decide whether to use vynil textured ceramics, rough, or using natural stone ceramics. However, make sure the kitchen wall ceramic material you choose steam resistant and hot. Do not until after installed, you just know if your kitchen wall tiles easily cracked when exposed to intense heat. Very harmful is not it?

Meanwhile, on the part close to the area to process food or beverages, you should use ceramic ceramic ceramic tiles with ceramic tiles alias with a glossy surface layer. The luster on the ceramic surface will make it more resistant to stains so it is easy to clean.

The gloss layer works to close the pores on the surface of the ceramic so that the stain will not be absorbed and left on the ceramic wall of the kitchen. Also make sure the quality of glaze luster on the ceramic of your choice. The low glasur quality results in the gloss to disappear in a relatively quick time after it is installed.

Make sure the Model and Motif Ceramic Kitchen Wall Match Interior Style House

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Tips on choosing kitchen ceramic next wall is to consider the suitability between the model of wall tiles with your home style kitchen. For example, if your house is a minimalist style, then choose a wall of ceramic kitchen models are also minimalist, not too much ornament or motif, but still looks elegant.

You must remember that ceramic wall kitchen not only serves to protect the walls from the stains of cooking activities, but also beautify the appearance of the kitchen room. Currently the choice of kitchen ceramic wall models on the market very much, so you must carefully choose which model fits the theme of your dream kitchen at once blend with the theme of the house as a whole. Kitchen wall tiles model in harmony with the theme of the house will further add to the comfort of its residents you know!

Notice the Color Balance

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The color factor should also be considered when choosing a kitchen wall tile. We recommend that your kitchen has a balanced color blend. For example, if the color of the ceiling and paint the walls are not covered with light-colored ceramics and striking, then choose the kitchen wall tiles with a softer color. Vice versa, if other elements in the kitchen is dark or soft-colored, then you should choose a ceramic wall of a brightly colored kitchen.

Selection of ceramic wall color of kitchen can also adjust your taste and design. Previously you might have planned what color is dominant in your kitchen with design services house of choice. For example, if you want a room that looks spacious, it is advisable to choose a bright house paint color.

Select Customized Kitchen Wall Tiles

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Another thing that is also not less important to note when choosing a ceramic kitchen wall is to adjust the size of ceramics with the size of the room. This is done so that your kitchen design look good. For, although the motive and color of the kitchen wall of your choice is good, if the size does not fit later will look crippled.

The size of the large ceramic wall of the kitchen will make the kitchen space seem spacious. In addition, the advantages of using a large-sized kitchen ceramic wall is the least area of ​​gap antarkeramik aka nat. You need to know, the grout on ceramic wall of the kitchen potentially a place of gathering stains. That's because the ceramic grout is absorbent and not shiny like the surface of a kitchen wall tile. If you like a unique motif, you can apply a tile motif at home.

Adjust the Kitchen Walls Ceramic Options with the Budget You Have

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Well, this one tip is also no less important. The price of the kitchen wall you choose should also fit your budget. Before buying ceramics for kitchen walls, you must determine and consider the target budget you will use.

After determining the target budget to buy ceramic wall kitchen, do a price comparison beforehand against some brands of ceramics. Try not to stick to one place when comparing the price of ceramics. That way the budget to buy ceramic wall of the kitchen will not swell.

Those are some tips that you can apply when choosing a kitchen wall tile. Given the price of ceramics and installation costs are not cheap, then you should not be in a hurry when choosing a kitchen ceramic wall. If in doubt, you can consult with the services of interior designers to choose the right ceramic for you. Good luck!

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