40 Best Kitchen Design Trends of 2018√

Entering a new year for some people is the time to change the look of the house so that the house feels like new again. One of the rooms that need a new look is the interior of the kitchen so that the occupants more enthusiasm for cooking and preparing food.

For the year 2018, there are 10 estimates of kitchen interior trends. No need to linger, just look at the following list!

1. Interior kitchen with backsplash area of ​​white brick

 1. Interior kitchen with backsplash area of ​​white brick

Backsplash area serves to protect the walls from cooking stains such as oil and sauce. Therefore, backsplash areas are generally made using materials that have slippery surfaces such as ceramics or mirrors. Thus, cooking stains will be easier to clean.

However, for the year 2018 is precisely the backsplash area made of white bricks will become the latest kitchen interior trends. This white-painted brick will create a warm atmosphere as well as modern impression at home. This kitchen interior trend is perfect for residential style with Scandinavian interior or traditional house.

2. Interior kitchen with integrated table and dishwasher

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In 2018, kitchen interiors with integrated tables and sinks will be used by many people. This integrated table and dishwasher will ease your movement when preparing dishes. For example, wash fresh vegetables before putting them on a plate or washing the fruit and then cutting it on the table with a cutting board. The interior of this kitchen will also look more simple because it does not take up a lot of places. Suitable for small and large kitchen.

3. Interior kitchen with thin table

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The use of a thin kitchen table in the interior of the kitchen is a trend in 2018 is not without reason. The look of this slim kitchen table looks sleek and classy. It can even make cabinet cabinets look more prominent. The design of a thin kitchen table is suitable for minimalist kitchen models. For this thin table you should use good quality material so as not easily broken and damaged.

4. Interior of a closed kitchen

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The interior of a closed kitchen is the kitchen has its own area and not joined with other areas, such as dining room or family room. To enter the kitchen, you need to pass through a special door or hallway. Around him there is a wall that confines the kitchen area with other areas in the dwelling.

This closed kitchen interior trend is more suitable to be applied in large-sized residential to strengthen the exclusive and neat impression. You will be more comfortable while cooking and preparing meals for guests who are waiting in the dining room.

5. Interior kitchen using marble material

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The use of marble material will be the interior trend of the kitchen in 2018. The material is identical with this luxury has many advantages. Among them is its durability is very strong, durable, available in various colors, and its ability to create the impression of luxury and class. This marble material is usually used in the Victorian style kitchen interior, modern, and minimalist.

Some parts in the kitchen that can use marble material is a kitchen table, kitchen island, backsplash area, and floor. The color can be adapted to the kitchen concept and the desire of the owner of the kitchen, whether brightly colored marble like white and cream or dark marble like dark brown and elegant black.

6. Interior kitchen with a dark color on certain parts

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If in previous years the occupants will use the same color for the interior of the kitchen ranging from furniture to the floor, then in 2018 this kitchen interior trend is the use of dark colors on certain parts and bright colors on other parts.

For example, using a kitchen motif black ceramic to cover the floor surface. Kitchen furniture uses bright colors like beige. Can also use green ceramics for backsplash area and brown color for kitchen cabinet. Nothing wrong with trying to apply a long-lasting and light-colored aluminum kitchen set in your kitchen.

7. Quartz material for countertop

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Countertop has an important role for a kitchen interior. Countertop serves as a base for preparing groceries and putting cooking utensils such as kitchen spices or blenders. In previous years, the popular material for kitchen countertop was granite. However, by 2018 the popularity of quartz materials is predicted to shift it.

Quartz material is arguably rival marble and granite. But his strength is superior to the other two stones. For matters of care, quartz materials also do not need to be continuously polished because the shine is quite durable. While marble and granite at least need to be polished once a year to stay shiny.

Quartz countertop will not absorb water, stain resistant, acidic substances, even sharp scratches. Due to the form of small crystals, this quartz material is easily combined with other materials and formed as desired.

8. Contemporary kitchen style interior

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Lately the interior of a minimalist and modern style kitchen is very popular among the public. However, the interior style is predicted to be replaced by contemporary interior style in 2018.

Contemporary kitchen style interior will always change in every era. This is influenced by the availability of materials and new furniture models. But in outline, this contemporary style always displays a neat, clean, and contemporary.

The advantage of this contemporary style is that you can update the interior concept in accordance with the growing trend. If applying this style, then the interior of the kitchen does not need to undergo a meaningful overhaul until several years into the future.

9. Interior of a rustic-style kitchen

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In addition to the contemporary-style interior, it turns out the rustic-style kitchen interior is also a trend in some locations in 2018. Nowadays, there are many things that carry the natural concept as the ancient times back. One of the affected is the kitchen interior. Rustic-style kitchen interior is synonymous with a beautiful, warm, and natural atmosphere. The use of wood materials and various ornamental plants identical to the style of this one interior.

10. Interior kitchen equipped with technology

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Technological developments always help our daily life, not least for business in the kitchen. The kitchen interior will now be equipped with a number of technologies to help cook. For example, the use of mobile phones to supervise the microwave and oven options so you do not need to check back and check the food in it whether it is cooked or not.

There are also applications that can remind you what foods will expire in the refrigerator or shooting in the refrigerator so you can find out what foods you need to buy while in the supermarket. Cooking activities become easier, huh?

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