10 Best Classic La Vintage Kitchens of Great Design

Talk about the house with a vintage a la design will not be endless. His classic and eccentric style makes the home a la vintage so the dream of many people. This is also the reason why vintage-style kitchen is widely applied in the main rooms of the house, such as kitchens. For example, the simple a la vintage kitchen filled with old-fashioned and colorful furnishings can provide a good mood. Well, here Kania will discuss how you can build a simple and classic a la vintage kitchen. Curious? Come see!

Chest floor tile to turn on the impression of a simple kitchen a la 50s
 Simple kitchen ala 50 tahuan  orchidlagoon.com

If you often watch old American movies, you'll be familiar with black and white chess motifs. Chess floor tiles are usually installed in the kitchen and also the bathroom houses in the films.

Well, for you who want to instantly change the look of your simple kitchen so a la vintage, you can play with tile motif like this. It does not have to be black and white, the chess tiles with pastel colors are also suitable to be installed in the simple a la vintage kitchen in your house.

Wallpaper old-fashioned motifs in the kitchen a la vintage
Simple Kitchen Motif Jadulhomeklondike.site

After the chess tile, wallpaper is one of the elements that can instantly turn your kitchen into a simple a la vintage classic kitchen. The reason is actually easy, these two elements usually cover the entire room from end to end so the touch so meaningful.

Especially when juxtaposed with furniture-complementary furniture such as stoves, refrigerators, or other kitchen equipment. Choose bold wallpaper motifs such as polkadot, floral, or full bold print motif to get a simple vintage a la kitchen.

The old school refrigerator for a simple vintage kitchen
Kitchen Refrigerator Sederhanabigchill.com

One of the most coveted items when it comes to the impression of a simple vintage a la kitchen is the refrigerator. Its tiny shape and unique and sweet color are one of the main reasons people look for vintage refrigerators. This furniture is perfect if installed in your simple kitchen.

Unlike today's relatively rigid fridges, the curves and beautiful decoration of the handles on the vintage refrigerator are so hard to forget. However, do not override the function of the refrigerator. Make sure the refrigerator is working properly, repaint the refrigerator if necessary.

Pastel colors in a simple kitchen a la vintage

The Simple Kitchen a la Vintage Classic is Kerengd-home.com
Green mint and pink pastel is one of the closest colors associated with vintage compared to other pastel colors. So, for those of you who just thought to change the small kitchen in your house so a la vintage, not impossible really.

Cat Pastel Kitchen Sederhanadecorfacil.com

Cat Pastel Kitchen Sederhanadecorfacil.com
You can wear kitchen furniture like a green mint or soft pink dining cabinet to get a classic vintage retro theme. In addition, these two colors can also give a fresh and unique impression for a simple kitchen in your home. Dare to try?

Decorating a wall or display in a simple a la vintage kitchen

Decorating a wall or display in a simple a la vintage kitchen

Vintage look displays filled with funny and inspiring excerpts are often used as wall decorations in simple a la vintage kitchens. The price is not too expensive and you can easily get it both in the mall and online home decorating store.

Room wall decoration with vintage look can eliminate the stiff impression at home. In addition, the unique appearance can also make your small kitchen so one spot in the house that is instagrammable. Want to try?

Hanging plate rack in simple a la vintage kitchen

Decorative Decorative Hanging Decking Rack

There are two choices of dish racks that you can customize with the overall vintage look as well as the simple kitchen area in your home. If your simple vintage a la vintage kitchen is relatively small, Kania does not suggest you install a hanging rack (as illustrated in the picture above). Wooden wall racks with pastel or beige colors can be an ideal replacement alternative.

Surely the impression of vintage will be more felt if you display ceramic plates with old school or grandmother's collection of collections on the shelf.A corner dining table in the simple a la vintage kitchen
Kitchen Corner Table Sederhanalittlevintagenest.comDining table corner or commonly known as breakfast nook is one of the typical kitchen design simple a la vintage. No need to take a large area, free space that can be filled with two chairs and a small round table is enough to make breakfast nook your version.For some people, breakfast nooks with this style may not fit in a simple kitchen-because it requires space that is not too small. However, this design is perfect for you who spend a lot of time in the kitchen or you are new to have a small family. The atmosphere of breakfast or dinner in this simple kitchen even be felt more warm and kinship. 

A window with a vintage look in the kitchen is simple

Window-Vintage Kitchen Sederhanacs6.livemaster.ru 

Do you have a window in your simple kitchen? If yes, good! In addition to inviting natural light from the outside, windows in a simple kitchen can also help give the impression of spacious and spacious. To bring a vintage impression on a simple kitchen, you can add curtains with motifs.Surely do not forget to keep the pastel and or cream colors for the curtains. If you have just built your own kitchen design from scratch, windows with aluminum sliding door frames / sliding can also be used as an ideal alternative loh.

Simple Kitchen Vintagecountryliving.com

Simple Kitchen Vintagecountryliving.com 
If the size of your kitchen space is relatively small or even no window, you can still give a touch of vintage in your simple kitchen by installing a refrigerator with vintage motifs.The entire vintage look that you have in your kitchen will depend on the color consistency you choose. So you do not have to unpack your simple kitchen and start building everything from scratch. Because the kitchen a la vintage is one kitchen design that is easy to follow even though your budget is not too big.

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