18 Minimalist Modern Kitchen Inspiration

Kitchen model seems to remain a prima donna design kitchen for some time to come. No wonder, because the look of a minimalist kitchen model is ideal for kitchens with various sizes. Are you looking for a minimalist kitchen model that fits? Together with Kania, let's explore the inspiration of this cool minimalist kitchen model below!

Decoration Lamp for Focus Minimalist Kitchen Model

Minimalist kitchen model
Do not underestimate the proper lamp function in your minimalist kitchen model. Installation of lights that are too minimal or too bright can complicate the process of cooking.

In the inspiration of this minimalist kitchen model, looks two main lights that adorn the center of the kitchen. In addition, there is a countertop of white marble material that reinforces the impression of minimalism in the kitchen. Complete with some minimalist bar stools as a casual lounge with friends and family.
White Minimalist Clean and Shiny

White Minimalist Kitchen Model


White color is often the main choice for lovers of this simple and clean concept. There is an element of simplicity that remains charming on a minimalist design. This is usually highlighted through the selection of minimalist furniture with neutral colors and simple arrangement, but still functional. The selection of furniture materials is also highly regarded.

Sweet Milenial Minimalist Kitchen Model

Sweet Milenial Minimalist Kitchen Model

Inspiration model of this beautiful minimalist kitchen comes from Dekoruma. The design of this set is not only easy to set up, but quite affordable and not difficult to be presented in a small house.

By using the concept of a separate kitchen set, the two main kitchen cabinets are dominated by kitchen compulsory equipment that is a sink and a simple stove. An accessible upper kitchen cabinet can be used as a storage herb and functional tableware.

The Scandinavian Concept in Simple and Functional Kitchen

Skandivanian Minimalist Kitchen Model
Beautify the usual minimalist kitchen model with a scandinavian touch like inspiration minimalist kitchen models from this Dekoruma. By combining pale wood furniture with a standard white cabinet, this minimalist kitchen model is bridged with a slick patterned backsplash of ceramic hexagon.

Although relatively small, you can still have a kitchen cabinet with adequate storage. Not to forget, glass-walled shelves in the two main doors of the top also increasingly beautify the appearance of this minimalist kitchen model.

Minimalist Kitchen with Open Shelves

Minimalist Kitchen Model Rak Terbukaarchitecturaldigest.com

Synonymous with white color, inspiration minimalist kitchen model this one fits for a small kitchen area. Simply equip the kitchen with a medium-sized stove, countertop, and the same basic colored kitchen sink. Minimalist kitchen is the right choice for you who like simple style.

In order not too monotonous, give a wooden accent on the countertop. Do not forget, there's nothing wrong you add a sweet leaf ornamental plant near the window so your kitchen look more fresh and beautiful.

Minimalist Small Kitchen Model Practical

Small Minimalist Kitchen Model
Do not have much room for a minimalist kitchen model? Just steal inspiration from this Dekoruma. Kitchen sets are enough to dominate one side of the wall, plus adequate storage shelves. Although impressed very simple, kitchen design is designed very functional, you know! This is realized through the kitchen ceramic backsplash which at once can be a hanging place your kitchen equipment!
Luxurious Minimalist Kitchen Model For The Professional

Luxury Minimalist Kitchen Model

Lucky if you have a large enough kitchen area, because it means you can bring a beautiful minimalist kitchen model like the above inspiration. Priority of quality materials, this minimalist kitchen model relies on the symmetry in the arrangement of furniture and special spaces for kitchen furniture such as cabinets and refrigerators. The wooden floor also gives the impression of luxury on this kitchen.

Shelf Hanging To Touch Additional Decorations

Minimalist Kitchen Model
So the kitchen more beautiful and not rigid, imitation inspired minimalist kitchen model that presents a hanging rack on the bottom of the upper cabinet that dominates the kitchen wall. In addition can be used as decoration space, you can also show off a beautiful glassware from your personal collection.

Minimalist But Stay Warm, Kitchen Models A Modern Apartment

Minimalist Kitchen Apartment Model
Minimalism does not mean the kitchen should lose the warmth of kitchen equipment is so festive. Add decorations such as small plant pots to an open knife hanger. Multilevel shelves can also be a neat storage alternative to store the needs of the kitchen so you can easily achieve in this minimalist kitchen apartment model.

Minimalist Small Kitchen with Wood Accents

Minimalist Kitchen Accents Wooden Model

If the kitchen more functions as a complement because you rarely cook at home, minimalist kitchen models from Dekoruma this could be a limited space solution in your house. With the same concept from one room to another, the transition is marked by the presence of a refrigerator in the center of the kitchen.

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