13 The Best Japanese Kitchen Knives in 2018√

Japanese-style residential interiors have distinctive characteristics that are different from other interiors. Among them are the checkered shapes on almost every interior, natural, minimalist, and sliding doors. Interesting Japanese-style residential parts to be discussed is clean kitchen space.

Broadly speaking, this Japanese-style clean kitchen feels comfortable, clean, modern, and natural. Japanese clean kitchen is more important than aesthetic function. No wonder if you will only find important furniture such as stoves, refrigerators, laundry rooms, rice cookers, and electronic ovens inside clean kitchens.

Japanese style clean kitchen is perfect for you who do not want complicated and prefer the function of the kitchen itself. As an inspiration, Kania will share 13 Japanese clean kitchen models that you can imitate!

1. Clean kitchen with paper window

 1. Clean kitchen with paper window

You who like to watch samurai or Japanese movies with ancient background must be familiar with shoji doors or paper-lined windows. In a modern-day city, paper windows are very unsafe because they are easy to break into. Instead you can use paper as a window curtain. The nuances obtained will be the same as the paper window.

2. Modern industrial touch in the kitchen

 2. Modern industrial touch in the kitchen

The use of wood material in this Japanese-style kitchen can be found in the form of floor, table, and ceiling. The size of this clean kitchen is not too broad and is only filled by the kitchen table as well as a dish that connects with a dining table. Because the furniture is not much, this kitchen area can be added a comfortable chair and transformed into a family room. Very minimalist and look neat huh?

3. Japanese clean kitchen with open shelf

 3. Japanese clean kitchen with open shelf

Open shelves or wall shelves can create a clean and spacious clean kitchen impression. The look is also suitable for Japanese-style clean kitchen. Instead of using wall shelves to make the house look neat, this kitchen uses an open shelf that hangs on the ceiling. At first glance, this open shelf reminds us of the look of the bar table where the shelf is used to put the glass.

4. Clean kitchen that integrates with the dining room

Clean kitchen made together with the dining room is not a stranger. Unification of two rooms is arguably saves space. You can also unite the dining room with family room as an alternative. Still apply the key of clean Japanese kitchen, this one kitchen model feels minimalist and comfortable.

The use of uniformed wood materials for all sections ranging from floors, tables, chairs, and cabinets. Everything has the same color. Large square windows allow sunlight to shine on this clean kitchen area.

5. Semi-traditional style in clean Japanese kitchen

When looking at this clean Japanese kitchen model one, you will definitely remember the kitchen model in a traditional Japanese house. The use of wooden furnishings down to dark brown wood flooring materials with a finish without polish will make it look old-fashioned. So also with cooking utensils that ala typical Japanese vintage. The cabinet door section uses a layer of paper. Feeling back to ancient times with a more modern atmosphere, huh?

6. Kitchen clean and tidy though lots of furniture

You're someone who cooks in the kitchen and likes to collect a variety of cutlery? For a clean impression to stay awake, you can arrange the cutlery on a floating shelf and cabinet or wooden cabinet equipped with glass doors. Clean kitchen will still look clean and neat Japanese style!

7. Wear concrete walls

Japanese clean kitchen does not always use wood material for the entire area. If you are inhabiting a new building that uses concrete walls, do not hesitate to combine it with wood material. The trick is to cover one part of the wall with a high and wide wooden rack. This shelf can be used to store tableware, so that the kitchen area clean completely empty without furniture.

8. The elegant impression of Japanese culture in the kitchen clean

Clean Japanese style kitchen nuanced natural and traditional also can look elegant loh. Want to know how? Use proper lighting. Compared to using white lights and putting them on the ceiling, you can try using yellow lights and place them in some corners of the room. This yellow light will make the wood material in the Japanese-style clean kitchen will look golden and more elegant.

9. Japanese minimalist clean kitchen

The next generation Japanese kitchen model is very minimalist with a rectangular cabinet design with simple frame. In the center of this clean kitchen there is a square-shaped kitchen island with a typical Japanese jug as its decoration. Lighting with the right watt lights makes this kitchen feel nice and warm.

10. Clean Japanese kitchen with dark shades

Want a clean Japanese kitchen with a more masculine dark feel? Easy. You can still use wood material, but paint it with dark gray or black and then combined with white. Add lighting in the form of square-shaped lanterns suspended on the ceiling.

11. The dominance of wood and rattan in the kitchen is clean

In addition to wood, natural materials that can be used for Japanese-style kitchen is rattan. This rattan material is used as cabinet door in the form of webbing. This wicker wicker will make the inside of the cabinet damp-free as air can get in and out of the wicker hole. For a unique look on the other side, you can use marble for the kitchen island surfaces and layers of paper to cover the cooker hood.

12. Bright cheerful red color in clean Japanese kitchen

The country of Japan is also identical with the red color as it is on its flag. A clean Japanese kitchen might look strange if it is dominated entirely by red. Therefore, you should only apply the red color on some parts of the kitchen clean. For example using a red cabinet. The rest, use dark wood materials. Do not forget to add some typical Japanese greenery such as bamboo or bonsai as decoration.

13. Japanese clean kitchen with dark wood material and light

Japanese identical clean kitchen is usually dominated by wood material for furniture-furniture. In order not to look too monotonous, you can be creative on the color of wood material. Try combining dark brown wood materials with light brown. For example, dark brown color for table and light brown for cabinet door.

Similarly 13 models of Japanese kitchen cleaner that Kania has summarized. If confused, do not hesitate to ask for help professional interior design services, such as dekoruma, to design your kitchen set. Hope to inspire you to beautify your new kitchen later!